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Why order flowers online?

I love flowers.  If you are a regular visitor on my blog, you know that is an understatement.  I have been involved in landscaping for over 13 years.  I have been to and made purchases at retail garden centers, wholesale … Continue reading

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Enjoying the mild temps!

It seems this year us Northerners get a little break from the long cold winter.  I and most people I know have been VERY thankful!  Winter is normally just too long here in Wisconsin and the rest of the Northern … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Everyday

This time of year is good for all of us, as life sometimes can become overwhelming and discouraging.  The Thanksgiving holiday helps us reflect and think about what is really important.  Sometimes it can be hard to focus on those … Continue reading

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521 flower bulbs in 3.5 hours

Will this be the last planting for 2011? This past week I got to plant just a few more bulbs! I planted about 150 Dwarf Dutch Reticulata Iris Pauline between my patio and my pond.  It is going to look … Continue reading

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Loving Fall

I love fall because of the cooling temperatures and more work and more ideas to do in the garden. Yes- I love to work in my garden.  A fellow blogger has this comment that I totally agree with: ” a … Continue reading

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Forcing Flower Bulbs

There are so many people who really miss out on Spring blooming bulbs! (Those in zone 8 or warmer).  Then there are people like me who long for winter to be over and want flowers all the time.  So, forcing … Continue reading


I planted my Bulb Lasagna!

I may have gotten a little carried away with my ‘Lasagna’!  I planned on each bulb to bloom at Mid Spring, but added more bulbs that would bloom earlier and later.  🙂   I have included my pictures for you … Continue reading


Stinky but Pretty ‘Lilies’ – Fritillaria

I really like Fritillaria flowers – I consider them unique, but still pretty.  Some flowers are unique and strange looking, not necessarily pretty.  These, however, are a great addition to most flower beds. I always recommend that you DO NOT … Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Plant your Flower Bulbs

I have planted thousands of flower bulbs over the last 15 years – I have read about some unique ways to plant them a little differently for a few years now, but there are two techniques that I haven’t ever … Continue reading


Preparing your Garden for Winter

Fall has really just arrived.  It is my second favorite season, which comes just before the worst – Winter.  I do not really want to think about winter quite yet, but it will arrive soon for those in Northern areas.  … Continue reading