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HUGE blooms for winter blahs

Amaryllis are wonderful huge flowers to enjoy indoors during the winter.  They are SO easy to grow.  They really don’t need dirt (you can use peat) and they barely need any water.  How great is that! (I am not good … Continue reading

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I planted my Bulb Lasagna!

I may have gotten a little carried away with my ‘Lasagna’!  I planned on each bulb to bloom at Mid Spring, but added more bulbs that would bloom earlier and later.  🙂   I have included my pictures for you … Continue reading

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Foxtail Lily – Not your Ordinary Lily

Foxtail Lilies are from the Liliaceae family and the Eremurus genus.  They are also known as the Desert Candle and are perennial plants that grow from tuberous roots.  An excellent choice for structural height in a flower bed, Foxtail lilies … Continue reading

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Southern Belle Seeks Tulips in her Spring Garden // Guest Blog

As a child growing up in Northern Ohio, I recall yards filled with countless tulip and daffodil blooms. I even got in trouble once for “borrowing” red tulip flowers from a local park planted by a gardening club; I was … Continue reading

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Adorable Anemones!

The Anemone Bulb, also known as windflower bulbs, form a large and versatile group of plants. Anemone flower bulbs grow with lots of very colorful petal blooms, either like daises or like poppies. They symbolize unfading love! Both Anemone blanda … Continue reading

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Beautiful Beards of Iris and other beauties

Iris symbolize eloquence and deep sentiment An elegant favorite of many gardeners, the Bearded Iris are truly magnificent additions to the late spring garden. Producing multiple blooms per stem, these flowers are abundant in beauty and vibrancy. With their swordlike … Continue reading

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