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Dreary Times for Gardeners?

Winter can get long here in the North.  I begin missing my flowers in Fall, but I’ glad that I am still able to enjoy the outdoors.  Once winter has set in, I get a little bummed and a bit … Continue reading


Warm Climates and Fall Planting Bulbs

I get many calls and emails from people in the South: California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, New Mexico, Oklahoma,Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Mississippi wondering if they could get any Fall planting bulbs to grow in … Continue reading


My Forcing Flower Bulb Experiment

Winter seems that it finally has ‘settled in’ here in Wisconsin.  The pure white snow makes the views outside a bit prettier than the lifeless drab coloring of dormancy.  Snow is beautiful when it sticks to each branch and nook … Continue reading


HUGE blooms for winter blahs

Amaryllis are wonderful huge flowers to enjoy indoors during the winter.  They are SO easy to grow.  They really don’t need dirt (you can use peat) and they barely need any water.  How great is that! (I am not good … Continue reading


Forcing Flower Bulbs

There are so many people who really miss out on Spring blooming bulbs! (Those in zone 8 or warmer).  Then there are people like me who long for winter to be over and want flowers all the time.  So, forcing … Continue reading


Snowdrop Dreams

Galanthus bulbs are most commonly known as Snowdrops or Garden Snowdrops.  They are among the first signs that winter is almost gone and spring is on its way!  They are very early blooming, often appearing even while the snow is … Continue reading

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Weddings, showers, garden party, birthday, Easter… I have gotten calls for flower bulbs for a baby shower,  funeral, garden party, Easter and of course weddings in the last 3 months. My brother in-law and his bride recently gave yellow candies … Continue reading


Memorial Flowers

  This week has been filled with much sadness.  A father, of a friend of mine, died after a tough battle with Cancer on Monday.  On Tuesday, a friend from high school succumbed to cancer as well, leaving behind a wife … Continue reading