My Forcing Flower Bulb Experiment

Winter seems that it finally has ‘settled in’ here in Wisconsin.  The pure white snow makes the views outside a bit prettier than the lifeless drab coloring of dormancy.  Snow is beautiful when it sticks to each branch and nook and cranny!  From indoors or on a ski hill, that is.  Otherwise I will keep whining about the cold temperatures which I hate.

My Amaryllis have been knockouts this year!    I am thankful when they bloom once with multiple flowers.  This year some are blooming for the second and soon third time this season!  Unfortunately, those will also be done and there will be no more flowers for me to enjoy indoors either.

Therefore, I have decided to force more than a couple of Hyacinths this year.  (They tend to be the easiest bulb to force and I enjoy the extra bonus of their sweet smell.)  I have multiple packages of them this year to bring out into the warmth to bloom at multiple intervals.  I also am going to force Tete-a-Tete  and Fortune Daffodils, along with 3 different tulips.  I usually do not attempt the forcing of tulips, simply because it takes a bit more work and more room.  I am a simple, easy-going type of gardener (indoors & out)! However, I figured it was time for some variety this winter.

I have had these bulbs chilling for 7-9 weeks now.  I have potted all but 5 packages of Hyacinths today.  I think I will bring in a few pots earlier than their specified time.  Some of the potted bulbs I am leaving to chill for their appropriate time frame before I bring them into my warm office. I have brought 2 pots of Hyacinths into my warm office now.  Will they bloom?  Will they be straggly? It is a little early, but I am impatient when it comes to flowers. I just want to experiment and see how much of a difference it will make.

If you want more details and specific directions on forcing bulbs, check out my previous post: Forcing Flower Bulbs

Check back for more updates on my experiment!

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2 Responses to My Forcing Flower Bulb Experiment

  1. Dave says:

    Great article!

    I have forced tulips indoors but what I found is sometimes I am late to buy tulip bulbs and then they are gone! Plus I hate the step of the 14 weeks of chilling!
    Very few stores offer pre-chilled bulbs for sale, and it is so hard to find tulip bulbs around this time of the year.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Yes- by January the bulbs have or will be drying out or rotting. They are harvested from the ground in July and are yearning to be put back into the ground!
      Unless you have a extra refrigerator for chilling- that leaves you with maybe one drawer in your frig for chilling just a few. Still- its easy, just mark it on your calender when to remove from frig and plant!

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