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HUGE blooms for winter blahs

Amaryllis are wonderful huge flowers to enjoy indoors during the winter.  They are SO easy to grow.  They really don’t need dirt (you can use peat) and they barely need any water.  How great is that! (I am not good … Continue reading

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Forcing Flower Bulbs

There are so many people who really miss out on Spring blooming bulbs! (Those in zone 8 or warmer).  Then there are people like me who long for winter to be over and want flowers all the time.  So, forcing … Continue reading

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Cool idea for storing bulbs

I have read many different ways to store bulbs.  I explained how to properly save and store bulbs on my post Preparing your garden for winter.  I just wanted to share photos on another way to store them, like I … Continue reading

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I planted my Bulb Lasagna!

I may have gotten a little carried away with my ‘Lasagna’!  I planned on each bulb to bloom at Mid Spring, but added more bulbs that would bloom earlier and later.  🙂   I have included my pictures for you … Continue reading

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Stinky but Pretty ‘Lilies’ – Fritillaria

I really like Fritillaria flowers – I consider them unique, but still pretty.  Some flowers are unique and strange looking, not necessarily pretty.  These, however, are a great addition to most flower beds. I always recommend that you DO NOT … Continue reading

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