Gabrielle has a diverse landscaping background.  Years of experience in perennial gardens, annual plantings, full landscape plans, and even water-gardening.  Her 3 acre property is always being updated and added to.  Her love for flowers and the outdoors will be evident as you journey with her through this blog.  Most posts will be relevant to flower gardening in general, but much will be more specific to flower bulbs and incorporating them into your gardening plans.  (Since she is currently employed with TulipWorld.com)  More detail to include: how to plant, container gardening, forcing bulbs, storing bulbs and ultimately enjoying your flowers! Take a peek at my own garden!!  You can comment on any blog post or email Gabrielle directly at Flowerbulbcrazy@gmail.com.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Hey Gabrielle,

    I am 25 years old and this year I am going to approach gardening for the first time. I have a very small yard with a good place to start. Do you recommend planting anything in particular? Do you have any important tips? I would love some advice! I hope this finds you well. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m a sucker for tulips and lillys.


    • Gabrielle says:

      Hi Caroline!
      Where do you live and how much sun does the area get?
      Here is the rundown:
      1. pick plants that you like first
      2. see which ones are hardy (live through the year and come back)
      3. which ones are appropriate to your sun exposure
      4. Pick various bloom times (spring, summer, fall)
      5. pick various heights
      6. narrow down to what you can actually fit in spot if your list is still too long!

  2. Samantha says:

    I was wondering if I could e-mail you a photo of a plant, and maybe you can help me identify it. I’ve looked in innumerable books and websites and I haven’t found anything close to this plant. It looks similar to an allium, but I’m not convinced. I have also scoured your blog looking for an e-mail address to send something to, but I was unsuccessful there, too. Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

  3. emilie says:


    Saw your artical on how bulbs are ized, I know there is a sizer or gauge, not sure of the proper name for it, out there. I have been trying to find one but so far no luck, do you know the proper name for it and where I might buy one for crocus. Your yard is beautiful.
    Thank You

    • Gabrielle says:

      Thanks for visiting. Bulbs are measured in cm, so you can just use a ruler.

      • Jason says:

        Works great for accurately measuring bulb size/growth and under 10 bucks @ WMart.
        Beautiful gardens Gabrielle, what zone are you in?

        • Gabrielle says:

          Thanks for visiting! I live in Zone 5. You measure your bulbs? Packages/web listings give you their bulb size. So, is your comment on a caliper for selling your bulbs? Im a little confused. 🙂

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