I planted my Bulb Lasagna!

I may have gotten a little carried away with my ‘Lasagna’!  I planned on each bulb to bloom at Mid Spring, but added more bulbs that would bloom earlier and later.  🙂

Dug rectangle space down 8"


I have included my pictures for you to see each step of layering flower bulbs.





Add some compost to bottom of hole and inserted daffodils


About 2″ of leaves, mulch, sand put in  bottom of hole.  Set my Thalia Daffodils into compost.  (Daffodils are to be planted 6-8″ deep)

 Blooms Mid spring.



Layer 2


Added 1″ of topsoil on top of daffodils, then placed my Persica Fritilaria, Van Eijk Tulips, Daydream Tulips, and Ollioules Tulips on top.  (to be planted 6-8″ deep)  Blooms Mid Spring.

Layer 3

Layer 3

Now for the third layer of my Flower lasagna!  About 1″ of soil and then Allium Schubertii, Plumosum Muscari.  (to be planted 3-4″ deep)  Blooms Late Spring.

Layer 4: I added 2″ more soil on top and then placed the Blue Allium in the back and the Fantasy Creation Muscari in the front.  (to be planted about 3″ deep)  Blooms Late Spring

Layer 5


For the last layer I have added about 1″ of dirt and Mixed Dutch Iris and Galanthus (so I can see something right after the snow melts!).  (These are to be planted 1-2″ deep)   Blooms early spring.


All mulched... now to wait



Now I have to wait.


I can’t wait to see this Beautiful Lasagna spring up!



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2 Responses to I planted my Bulb Lasagna!

  1. Wendy H says:

    I have wanted to do something like this for the past couple springs but wasn’t sure how to! Thanks for this useful information…will you post pics of the Lasagna in spring?

    • Gabrielle says:

      I cant wait to take photos in spring of my Lasagna and so many more! I will definitely be sharing lots of photos when flowers finally begin to reappear!

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