Enjoying the mild temps!

It seems this year us Northerners get a little break from the long cold winter.  I and most people I know have been VERY thankful!  Winter is normally just too long here in Wisconsin and the rest of the Northern states.  I have lived here all my life and probably will stay, but I wouldn’t mind moving just a little further South to shorten the winter on a yearly basis!

I made good use of the milder weather…did you?  I ended up working in the yard a little more. Between this week and last, my husband and I planted 500 Fortune Daffodils, 400 Van Eijk Darwin Hybrid tulips,   400 Blue & Pink Hyacinths, 100 Snowdrops, 500 mixed daffodils, and  200 Latifolium!  It didn’t really take that long since we planted each en masse together.  It was hard finding room for them, but it will look so awesome in spring. When you end up with free bulbs, you MUST plant them!

This great weather has allowed the kids to ride the ATV and work on their fort, my husband to stain some new trim outside, and all of us to take nice walks after dinner.   I am hoping this will relate to me as a shorter winter this year.  I wish this mild weather would last longer, but I really prefer to skip ahead to Spring! It looks as though its over with the blustery winds and 4-8″ of snow we are getting now!



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2 Responses to Enjoying the mild temps!

  1. Matti says:

    I have seen a lot of buddies back in WI announcing they were headed to the terrace to hang out…in the middle of winter. I keep watching , and see that it has been one I the mildest winters there that I can remember. Glad you are takIng advantage of it.

    Here (also in the north[ern] CA), were not getting any winter rain yet which is sad…buy that’s changing in T minus 48 hours. Matti

    • Gabrielle says:

      Thanks for ‘visiting’ Matti! WI is known to have crazy shifts in temps all the time, but this has been a long stretch of dramatic shifts in temperatures!

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