Merry Christmas!

The Spirit of Christmas

We have been a little busy here at work making changes, adding new plants while finishing up the Fall & Winter season and preparing for the Spring season.  If you are curious- here is a sneak peak: New plants for 2012.  I have been busy preparing, shopping, baking, and visiting with friends when I am not at work.

Busy, busy, busy.  We generally bring most of the pressure upon ourselves.  Christmas is every year.  We know the people we always give gifts to.  We have the choice of how many parties or get-togethers we put on our schedule.  The most organized people probably get the most enjoyment this time of year!

Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  “We” have made it into much more, too;  celebrating family, friends and thankfulness.  Even though it can get busy and stressful dealing with family members,  I hope you can enjoy this time of year.  It’s not about all of the gifts…its about relationships.

This year my family and friends have had some struggles, disappointments and loss.  Life unfortunately can be a real drag at times.  Hopefully you can still find much to be thankful for despite your hardships as well.

I am thankful that I have a job, a husband that loves me, two beautiful  children (both inside & out), family that cares about us, a home, plenty of food to eat and God who loves me and is always with me.

I wish for you all of these things and a wonderful Christmas!


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