Highlighting your front door for winter

Winter Container 2007Do you create a focal point at your main entrance?  What do you do to add interest for the winter?  A large majority of us have too cold of temperatures to have flowers survive the entire winter. 🙁  So that just means we need to be a bit more creative!

During the warmer temperatures, there seem to be a flood of new articles and blogs on container gardening for your main entrances, deck & patio areas.  I just haven’t seen many ideas for winter interest.  Many decorate these areas for Christmas for the month of December, but then what?

I rarely do the same thing each year at my front entrance.  Some years I’m more lazy than others-or should we say I’m not as ambitious every year!  I often decorate my  front entrance for the entire winter by the end of November.  I then add the extra ‘bling’ (usually lights and sparkly things) for Christmas.  After January 1st, I remove the extra showy items.

Most years I go out and cut a few evergreen branches, cut back some red & yellow dogwood twigs, and search for a few pine cones. (You could also buy these at craft stores or even cut some junk branches and spray paint them on your own.)  I have multiple picks of various shapes and items from the craft stores which I like to use: silver leafed branches, glass snowflakes, red berries, etc.  I do not use fake flowers… I figure if they wouldn’t survive in the current weather- they just don’t look right.  Add some colorful, tasteful ribbons to!.  All these items will last the winter through rain and snow and wind.

These branches can be inserted into the topsoil of your large containers(that are winter friendly) , laid across the opening, hung on the door, on window ledges, or above the entrance.  Be creative and try something different.  I use a fake evergreen wreath from fall to spring, just changing out some picks for Fall, Christmas and Winter. I often use my 2 small cone trellis in both my large pots and wrap with garland and add the picks and lights (for Christmas).

Here are a few photo ideas from Pinterest too!






























I have even more photos to see in Pinterest on my FOR THE HOME board.  Hopefully I stirred up some creative ideas for you to use!  I’d love to hear of your cool ideas too!

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