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I have gotten calls for flower bulbs for a baby shower,  funeral, garden party, Easter and of course weddings in the last 3 months. My brother in-law and his bride recently gave yellow candies in a cute package to everyone at their wedding.  My friends gave chocolate pumpkins to each of their guests at their wedding.  It got me thinking more about party favors and other reasons for giving particular flowers on certain occasions.

I did some research to find out what flowers often symbolize or represent.  Even down to the different meanings of even a particular color.  I found there are certain flowers to give on particular anniversaries and for your specific birth month (like gemstones).

Flower Symbolism/specific uses

Lily Bulbs (Oriental Lily and Calla Lily): A symbol of purity, refined beauty and fertility and nurturing.  May birth month flower.  Callas for 6th Wedding Anniversary.  Orientals for 30th Wedding Anniversary


Gladiolus Bulbs: symbolizing beauty, moral integrity, strength of character, faithfulness.   40yr Wedding Anniversary flower.  August birth month flower.


Tulip Bulbs: represent eternal happiness, and perfect love.  11yr Wedding Anniversary flower.



Iris Bulbs: symbolize eloquence, deep sentiment, faith, hope & wisdom.  February birth month flower.  25th Wedding Anniversary flower.


Daffodil Bulbs: symbolize new beginnings and ensure happiness.  10yr Wedding Anniversary flower.  March or December birth month flower.





Amaryllis Bulbs: symbolize splendid beauty and sparkling and pride.



Crocus bulbs: symbolize cheerfulness and happiness.



Allium bulbs: symbolize Unity, humility and patience.




Hyacinth bulbs: symbolizes playfulness, constancy and sincerity.



Freesia bulbs: symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness.  7yr Wedding Anniversary flower.





Anemones bulbs: symbolizes unfading love and protection against evil.



Begonia bulbs: symbolizes cautiousness and a fanciful mind.



Oxalis bulbs: symbolizes good luck.



Ranunculus bulbs: symbolizes radiant charm.






Dahlia bulbs: No clear symbol its wild card.  14yr Wedding Anniversary flower.





Galathus bulbs: symbolizes hope, purity and peace.   January Birth month flower.


Symbolism of flower colors.

BLUE hues represent peace, openness and serenity.

PINK represents grace, gentleness and happiness.

PURPLE represents dignity, pride, accomplishment and success.

RED represents the essence of desire, strength, courage, and passionate love.

WHITE represents innocence, humility, reverence and simple beauty.

YELLOW represents joy, lightheartedness and happiness.

ORANGE represents energy, enthusiasm, warmth and conveys confidence and a passion for life.

GREEN represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth.

LAVENDER represents refinement, grace and elegance.

I also found some nice comments to put on the card with the flower bulb favor:

The Earth Laughs in Flowers.”  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Flowers are love’s truest language.”  –  Park Benjamin

Thank you for sharing this special day. Please plant these bulbs to create a garden of lasting memories.

Thank you for making today not just a memory, but a dream come true…

Plant this bulb and watch it bloom, And so will the love of the bride and groom!

A new birth, a new life… Celebrate with us by planting this bulb and watching it bloom.

Great ideas to keep in mind or share with someone!  Ive wanted to have a garden party with hors d’ourves and now I want to add bulb favors as well!  I cant wait to plan my special “show off” day! 🙂

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8 Responses to Celebration!

  1. PlantPostings says:

    Wonderful post, and very helpful for determining the best flower for a particular occasion. Are the first two photos displays of how you package your bulb plants? Very creative! I’m glad I found your blog!

    • Gabrielle says:

      No, we actually found these cute ideas from Martha Stewart. She’s got lots of creative ideas when it comes to weddings and favors.

  2. Dahlia Lover says:

    Interesting post! Too bad my favorite flower gone as a “wildcard.” Perhaps, I could suggest dahlias as the perfect table flower that symbolizes professionalism. What do you think?

    • Gabrielle says:

      I love Dhalias too. Their huge blooms are awesome. I will write about Dahlias next spring when they are for sale again! (i may say a bit about them this summer- when mine are blooming)

      • Coby Milba says:

        I’ll be looking forward to that post. The dahlia tubers in my garden appear to be healthy and soon will produce flowers. I can barely wait posting some pictures of my future

  3. personalized gifts says:

    Thanks for your informative site. I’ve got a project that I’m working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  4. mxymys says:

    I’m thinking of making/giving live flowers for combination centerpiece favors for my wedding guests. Wonderful post. Great ideas to consider.

    Thank you for sharing!

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