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Why order flowers online?

I love flowers.  If you are a regular visitor on my blog, you know that is an understatement.  I have been involved in landscaping for over 13 years.  I have been to and made purchases at retail garden centers, wholesale … Continue reading

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Preparing your Garden for Winter

Fall has really just arrived.  It is my second favorite season, which comes just before the worst – Winter.  I do not really want to think about winter quite yet, but it will arrive soon for those in Northern areas.  … Continue reading


Adorable Anemones!

The Anemone Bulb, also known as windflower bulbs, form a large and versatile group of plants. Anemone flower bulbs grow with lots of very colorful petal blooms, either like daises or like poppies. They symbolize unfading love! Both Anemone blanda … Continue reading


Beautiful Beards of Iris and other beauties

Iris symbolize eloquence and deep sentiment An elegant favorite of many gardeners, the Bearded Iris are truly magnificent additions to the late spring garden. Producing multiple blooms per stem, these flowers are abundant in beauty and vibrancy. With their swordlike … Continue reading


the skinny on flower bulbs

Bulbs are easy to grow, provided that you stick to some essentials. Probably no other plant group gives as much variety and pleasure to the gardener with so little effort. The unique thing about bulbs is that they need little … Continue reading