521 flower bulbs in 3.5 hours

a few rocks

Will this be the last planting for 2011?

This past week I got to plant just a few more bulbs! I planted about 150 Dwarf Dutch Reticulata Iris Pauline between my patio and my pond.  It is going to look so adorable in April!



I also decided to make a wide bulb border in front of my fruit garden.  I found these chunks of Lannon stone about 6inches deep.   One was 3 feet long and about 4 inches thick- ugh.

bulb border fruit garden

I made somewhat of a pattern border: 7 Daffodils, then a patch of Tulips, 7-9 daffodils, a patch of Tulips, 7-9 daffodils, a patch of tulips and then another patch of 7 daffodils!  Above the tulips I also planted a small back border of  25 Scilla Campanulata that will bloom in early spring.  My Daffodils will bloom mid spring.  Then my patch of tulips were a mix of a pink fringed Tulip and a reddish purple Tulip Recreado that will bloom late spring.

waiting to bloom: bulb border fruit garden

I get so excited thinking about them blooming.  That includes about 100 tulips and 30 daffodils here.  I also planted  another 120 Single late Tulips Perestroyka as 2 patches near my pond area.  I also added 36 Nectaroscordum Allium and 60 Darwin Hybrid Apricot Impression Tulips in various areas in my front and back yard.

It took me 1.5 hours one day and then another 2 hours to plant the second day.   So, it took me 3.5 hours to un-package, decide on location, dig and plant about 521 flower bulbs.  That means I planted 2.48 bulbs per minute on average.  Either way it doesn’t seem like it took that long to plant 521 bulbs.

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