Creativity inspired by new website!

Scene on Pinterest

Have you found Pinterest yet?  I have.  I see why people say they get addicted.  I am finding it as a creative release.  I think I may get lost on Pinterest this winter as I wait for spring to arrive.

Pinterest contains information and pictures of just about anything from products, crafts, styles…  I believe many gardeners are creative and would love this site.  It has such a wide range of style and interest for anyone.



Idea on Pinterest

You can ‘pin’  any picture you find to save it into your ‘profile’. You can then organize them on your ‘boards’ that are similar file folders.  Your boards can be called what you choose: Flowers, Craft Ideas, Room Decorating, Art, etc.  Some even have some details on what was done to create it!

I think this site is going to help me find some creative projects to do during my winter hibernation.  If only my monetary funds were limitless- I may start redesigning each room in the house.  If you want to take a look at what I have found, I put a link button on my home page so you can follow me!

A winter scene from Pinterest



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4 Responses to Creativity inspired by new website!

  1. allanbecker-gardenguru says:

    While the photographs posted at Pinterest are stunning and inspiring, I am uncomfortable that someone out there in cyberspace is deciding and choosing which of my images to post . One one hand, I am flattered that someone likes my pictures but on the other hand , I am uneasy that someone is choosing to send them out “there” without my permission. Perhaps I don’t “get” the purpose of Pinterest.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I know the items I post are already “out there” on the internet and they are pinned with original links attached. I tried to express how the items I look at are for pure pleasure of looking at them or that inspire, or even gives me ideas to copy or expand upon. Ideas like: crafts, design, color palette, adding a new flower, etc. I am looking forward to using this site mostly for inspiration when I am unable to do what I love best- working in my garden! (whenever you put something on the web- be sure to put your name on the photo)

  2. Lani says:

    The first picture in your post…what kind of flowers/ivy are they picturing?

    That’s the only downfall with Pinterest, not all the pics lead to helpful links.

    Found your site thru Pinterest and love it!


    • Gabrielle says:

      The first picture looks like a Campanula or a Vinca minor.
      I’m glad you found flowerbulbcrazy! I hope you will continue to find it interesting! Thanks!!

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