Loving Fall

Fall Foliage

I love fall because of the cooling temperatures and more work and more ideas to do in the garden. Yes- I love to work in my garden.  A fellow blogger has this comment that I totally agree with: ” a day without dirt under your nails is a day wasted”.  I often ignore or seriously procrastinate cleaning my house, doing laundry, preparing dinner for the family…the list goes on. However,  I find any “excuse” to be working outside.

This year I cut back my shrubs, hostas and other perennials a little early.  I wanted to have a more “clean slate” for planning.  My husband and I decided to rearrange some of the Hostas and Astilbe in our shade garden.  And of course, finding areas to replace and add more flower bulbs is always part of my planning process!

Yes, I already planted my new “key” bulbs that I just had to have, but now I want to replace some Hyacinths and some Tulips.  Must have more and more flowers!

My dog Gunner

I also love fall for all the change in colors and all the beautiful fall scenes which create great opportunities to take pictures of with my camera as well as my eyes.  This is simply a great time of year to spend outdoors- breathing the fresh cool air.

Fun ride in the woods

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