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Planting for Butterflies

Who doesn’t like butterflies?   They flitter and float around in the air,  and their gracefulness mesmerizes us.  They have beautiful coloring and markings to tantalize your eyes.   They don’t bite (making it the only bug I like). These interesting bugs … Continue reading


Muscari a.k.a. Grape Hyacinth

A great flower bulb addition to any garden – a must have! Muscari is a short flower that is very easy to grow which typically blooms in the early to late spring depending on the species. Their lovely blooms range … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bulbs & Perennials!

Guest post from my friend/flower freak/garden designer/fellow blogger!                         Between shaking off the winter blooms and gearing up for summer activities, it’s going to be a busy and exciting … Continue reading

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