More Spring blooms…

Last night, (after church, daughters soccer game 1 hr away, and and dinner with my parents), I was able to come home and walk around the yard and see what’s changing. I pulled a few dandelions for my rabbits, and inspected the bigger growth and new blooms. It is so enjoyable to walk around the yard and find new blooms open, or find new plants that were planted last year and had forgotten all about!

Like these mini daffodils! I forgot all about them until I noticed them yesterday in the back corner of my yard. They are so cute. Each flower is about the size of a 50 cent coin.

These are pictures from last week and this week! So much changing each week!
The flower beds are looking less blah and more alive as things continue to grow and fill in! Like my wonderful ground-cover geraniums (fluffy and soon to flower) around my basalt fountains!

Some ferns, bleeding heart and other specialty plants coming up too!

Now a few of my tulips are blooming too!

Many varieties of Daffodils everywhere I look!

The storms missed us last weekend and so my Magnolia has been providing its sweet smell for over a week now! Front yard or backyard, you can enjoy sweet smells from the Hyacinths or the Magnolias (one in front yard and one at my pond). So I am enjoying the views and smells!

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