Life is hard, but there is hope

So much for the storms in the south settling down.  I will not complain about the weather again.  A tornado hit my good friends home last Wednesday in Cleveland, TN.  She is in the hospital, their youngest child is dead and his sister, who was visiting,  is dead.  My heart is so heavy for them and for the families of the other 300 who died that day.  Even though I finally got the sunshine those next few days, it was difficult to enjoy the long awaited break in the weather.

It is taking a little longer to smile and enjoy the sun and all my newly appearing flowers.

Eventually I did work in my yard and was able to numb the pain a bit.  But I would much rather carry some of their pain for them.  Too bad it does not work that way.  I have been praying for them everyday and I will have to trust that Jesus will comfort them.  I plan on going to visit and help in any way I can- when they are ready for that next step.  They do have some support from friends in TN.

I don’t mean to be a downer.  Spring usually is refreshing, like a new beginning- I think it will just be a bit later for many in the South to start that new beginnings.  We do have hope… Things will get better, pain will soften, memories will last.  Be thankful always.

Im adding some of my favorite photos to add some cheer to my downer of a post.

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