a mother and a gardener


I have read many tidbits and quotes about how mothering is like gardening.  Gentle, tender loving care and nurturing…..  blah, blah, blah.

I am not a “hard core” gardener.  I love plants, bushes, etc.  I love to plant, design, create and enjoy my yard.  I do NOT like finiky or difficult plants. I actually do not know of many difficult ones except indoor plants.  I know I am going to lose a lot of you serious, ‘hard core’ gardeners now… I NEED the sun and the rain to take care of my plants. I do not baby or fertilize anything in my garden. I plant appropriately and let it grow.  (hence why I do not do well with indoor plants)

I just returned from a mini vacation with my kids.  I had been looking forward to getting away to do nothing and enjoy my kids.  I have a 7th grader who wasn’t able to bring either of his 2 best friends, but wouldn’t invite anyone else.  I also have a 4th grader who did bring her best friend.  It was odd and a new experience for me as a mother.  (I remember my parents complaining about my moodiness in junior high and now I have been on the receiving end.) He insisted sitting and doing nothing instead of joining in the fun, multiple times.  He stated he wanted to go home a few times.  Other times he would join in and actually enjoy himself.  We (husband & I) did well at not harassing him and let him sit and “pout”.  His attitude was a downer for us and even affected my daughter and her friend.  I am trying to remember the foolish thoughts I had at that age and am trying to teach and lead my son- to wisdom.  We’ll see!

Gardening requires some physical work- but basically I hate to sit still or not get something accomplished.  So I enjoy this ‘work’.  Parenting is work, but stressful work.  Gardening is easy for me and I can be quite laid back about it.  This is obviously not a good choice of action for parenting.  I have read and talked with other mothers about parenting.  But since each child has their own mix of personality and a mother with her own personality –  leads to more of the learn as you go.

How I look forward to doing some gardening… a wonderful stress reliever!


PS I hope to post something a bit more interesting for you tomorrow – like about my Begonias that I haven’t killed!   ( I need to–to make up for this downer!)

Thanks for visiting!


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2 Responses to a mother and a gardener

  1. Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes says:

    Firstly your tulips are amazing!!! wow! Secondly, I hear ya! Being a mom is stressful, hard and often unrewarding work. But playing in the garden and having something that is yours is pure sanity and total joy! Enjoy your garden and the craziness of all things mom…Cheers Julia (mom of 2boys)

    • Gabrielle says:

      The photos in this post were borrowed from others- I had to add something interesting to look at! Mine are not up yet- BUT I will have many of my own to share shortly! Thanks!

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