My Spring has come!

This past Sunday it was 80 degrees in WI.  That has happened here in late May, but I never remember it ever happening in April.  I was just recovering from some horrible infection attacking my sinuses and lymph nodes- but I had to do something outside!  We were also supposed to have 2-3 days of rain storms coming.  So we decided to clean out our pond:empty out water, clean up the leaves and dead foliage on water plants.  I did not have much energy but I did help and enjoyed being outside so very much!  It was wonderful!

There were over 7 frogs in my pond (there were about 5 dead puffy ones)- we usually don’t see them until later because our pond is not mucky enough for them to hibernate in.  We even found multiple tadpoles too!  My daughter was so excited.  She loves to catch them and play with them (she is 10).

I took some pictures of my crocus, early daffodils and Chinodoxa.  And inspected all the sprouts of Hyacinths, Tulips, Fritillaria, Black- eyed Susans, Allium, Shasta Daisies.  I am so excited to watch them all begin to grow.  I was nice to walk around in the yard. We even cooked out on the grill and ate outside!  How cool is that – in April!!Daffodils


More pictures to come of my gardens progress!  I hope you are beginning to enjoy your spring too.  So much relief… peace- refreshment of my soul.  Is that corny? I’m struggling to know how to describe the emotions that I feel.  I feel GOOD!Chinodoxa

(I love to plant some of the Chinodoxa, Squill, and Reticulata Iris (mini iris) scattered or spread out under trees to try to give a more natural/woodland look.)

Spring has finally arrived for me!  Whoo Hoo!



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5 Responses to My Spring has come!

  1. Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens says:

    I love early spring too. It is so energizing. How fun to have a pond, but not the dead frogs :).

    • Gabrielle says:

      The pond- my water garden- is such a wonderful addition to my yard! It is hard for me to sit but I can do it much more often on my deck listening to my waterfall and soaking up all of it (the flowers, bushes, pond)!

  2. Vanessa Johanning says:

    Hi !
    Thanks for stopping by My flower/art blog!
    I was so happy for the nice weather last weekend too! ( Never mind it is sleeting and pouring right now! AARRGG! )
    I know so many plants are coming up that another week or so we will be happy!
    I am In Sussex, Where are you approx?


    • Gabrielle says:

      Im in Pewaukee but work in Milwaukee! YES – our spring is fighting to stay! with all this crummy snow & ice after April 15th!

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