Unique Summer Flowering Bulbs

A flower that is not as popular- or not seen in everyone’s yard- almost makes it more attractive to me!  I’m not sure that is saying much- since I have said before that I really want every flower!

I just wanted to share some of these ‘not as well known’ flowers with you too.

FESTALIS ISMENE (Peruvian Daffodil): tropical, elegant and whimsical comes to mind



BOWDENII NERINE : More flowers than festalis but not as elegant or whimsical- but blooms before any foliage is there!


LILY BiColor EUCOMIS (Pineapple lily): tropical and exotic. Not the prettiest ‘bloom’ but makes some cool interest.



TORCH LILY (Red Hot Poker): Tropical, grows 3-4 feet tall!




Gladiolus Murielae: elegant white flower with purple heart!  blooms one flower at a time! Another one to keep blooming into fall.  love, love



TUBEROSE : great sweet smell is what makes this so special, lingering long after its been cut.



ITALICUM ARUM (orange candleflower): speckled arrow shaped leaves make nice interest as well as the orange ‘seed pod’ flower.



OXALIS (Iron Cross):  (the good luck plant) delicate with the cutest little pink flowers.  I love this as a ground cover and the base plant in my large pots.



Maybe these are more attractive to me because so many have that ‘tropical’ feel and in Wisconsin there is not much tropical!

I was able to get out and work in my yard this Saturday and it felt so GOOD!  I planted my new bulbs that I spoke about in an earlier post.  I also cleaned up some leaves, moved some strawberry plants into rows into my new fruit garden, and cleaned up my river beds for my pond.  I also felt it in my body that night.  I am so looking forward to doing more outside.  March was getting really rough here.

Every week seems to be more hopeful in anticipation of my freedom outdoors!


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