My Begonia update and losing spring

My first sign of life for my Apricot/Scarlet Begonia- after 1 week!

Do you remember when I said we had unseasonably warm weather on April 10, when it was 80°.  How wonderful that day was!  Well, 1 week after on April 17, it was snowing, sleeting and hailing 1-5″ in 1/2 of Wisconsin!  I drove home on ice on main freeway!  Its “normal” NOT to have any snow after after 15th.  How depressing!  Feeling a little trapped again. 🙁

BUT I am so excited that my begonias are beginning to take off!  I cant wait for the flowers!  Begonia #1 is growing in my cool kitchen and Begonia #2 is growing in my warm office.

Begonia #1

Begonia #2

Today- I get to at least see the sun again.  We have had good frost the last few nights- Here are some pictures from my yard this morning-

Frosted morningFrosted tulips-ugh!

My sad squill ( puschkinia) and sedum. My sleeping Chionodoxa- until the sun hits them, along with my wonderful Allium!


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