The PERFECT spring

Belicia Double Tulip

Last year it was a very wet and cold spring and summer.  Spring flowers came and went so fast, with hardly any time to really appreciate them.  Then this year, we had 70-80° in March!  We usually don’t see those temperatures until a few times in May!  I certainly enjoyed the warm weather and it gave all of our flowers a jump-start in growing.

My 1st favorite!

Then the temperatures went back to almost normal spring temperatures, and not much rain until May.  The flowers lasted so long!  My Redbud tree seemed to show off its purple flowers for an entire month! The nighttime was a bit too chilly for me, as I do prefer our summer temperatures.   But I sure appreciated all of the spring flowers that lasted so long this year.

My other favorite!

Van Eijk Tulips & Fortune Daffodils

Pink Renown

(I am partial to pink & purple in my garden)

This will be remembered as thee PERFECT spring in SE Wisconsin!


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4 Responses to The PERFECT spring

  1. Hector says:

    They are beautiful !! Unfortunately for me here in Lancaster, PA the 250 tulip bulbs I planted last year were destroyed ( I suspect Grubs). They are a silent killer, after quite a show last year I was left with nothing more than 4 anemic flowers… 🙁

    • Gabrielle says:

      How disappointing Hector! 🙁
      I suggest you take a peak at my older post on disappearing tulips. Tulips disappearing is a common ‘problem’ after the first year of blooming.
      I only plant Darwin Hybrids in mass. But I still must plant some of the ‘more unique’ types each year!

  2. Maureen Bird says:

    Your tulips are fantastic – I am also partial to pink and purple flowers and plant tulips in these colours every year. I usually put them in pots the first year and then plant out in my borders. Some survive for quite a few years – others dont
    Best wishes

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