Stunted and disappearing tulips

This weather we’ve been experiencing all over the US this winter and now into spring has been messing with our minds and our gardens!  Here are our tulips – How do your look this year?

Unfortunately the deer got the best of some of them 🙁

Tulips have grown wonderfully in the mountains of Turkey to the fields of Holland for over 100 years.  What conditions would give us these similar results?  Here is a list of some key points that Tulips need to thrive and return each year.

  • Cold winters; average of 15 weeks long
  • Dry summers; don’t water in the summer
  • Good Soil; great drainage, they hate to be kept wet
  • Full sun on leaves; let leaves rejuvenate bulbs for next year
  • Dead Head; cut seed pod off immediately after blooming

These are the main issues with having and keeping beautiful tulips.  If any of these main points are not met, your tulips may be stunted, disappear, or just stop producing flowers.

Some of the warmer states in the South may not even get their tulips to bloom this year. But, if they grow leaves and the other main steps above are followed, they should bloom for you next year!

I have enjoyed the summer temperatures in March in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, my Dutch Iris, Snowdrops and Crocus withered quickly in the heat.  All daffodils have bloomed and tulips are up with buds.  Hopefully winter won’t surprise us in the next few weeks to ruin them. 

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