New growth, new blooms!


Everyday- when its not raining- I take walks around to see what new flower bulbs are sprouting and now blooming!  Even though its often gloomy and dark because of all the clouds and so many days of rain (what is this Seattle?), when I get to walk around and see new growth & new blooms I get so refreshed and exited!








You might notice that I have major reconstruction that was started last November.  I decided to remove the small patio brick next to my deck.  (it was put in before my pond and deck and I want a better look- like NY Blue irregular flagstone!)  I also ripped up our front walk when I made some changes to our sump-pump piping & downspout connection out the front of our house.  (I have begun redesign of front flower bed and walk.)  I also built a rabbit hut in our back yard with retaining wall block (which the leftover block is still in my back yard!)  So, excuse my mess in my yard for now.  My husband will be putting in the pavers to our front walk and back patio ASAP- now that spring is here.  With 3 acres and always getting new plants and NEW IDEAS- we are always making changes!

I have taken pictures last week and this week and so many changes already! Yipee!!!!

I got two cute photos here of my frogs in their favorite places.  The close one is right next to my deck the other photo that you just see his eyes under the rock is directly across the pond, where we often see 2 of them together.  My daughter loves to catch them and line them up to have leaping contests!  We enjoy their ‘singing’ and ‘talking’ at night.

This was the best photo I could get of my fish because of the light reflecting on top of pond!

I am worried I may not get to enjoy my glorious magnolia.  It is opening today and we are supposed to have more rain and storms on through the weekend.  Its not just the nice flowers, its really the wonderful fragrance I enjoy the most!

I did just plant my seeds of Hyacinth bean &  Lupine, Oaxlis bulbs, Elephant ears yesterday in between the rain showers!  I am thankful that we are not looking at flooding (yet), like many in the South.  I hope the rain has stopped there!

Well, thanks for visiting again!  Have a wonderful day!!

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