Making my own spring

I bet you thought I was anxious for spring after the last 2 posts I made.  Well, we had very little snow as of yesterday and the weather people said we may get some rain.  I took this picture this morning on my deck!  2 inches of heavy fluffy snow and still snowing.

I mentioned that I had bought these bright and cheery dyed daisies 2 weeks ago…  So, I placed my bright & cheery out on my deck and took this photo.  This is my spring 🙂

Our winter really has been a beautiful one.  I believe every snow fall was light and sticky, highlighting every branch.  I do love that!  I take many pictures of trees that way.  I will continue to find ways to make it springtime for me, though it really wont be here for a month yet.

I have been reading many garden blogs and enjoying the pictures,  even though they make me more anxious for spring.  I want to thank Jean at Jean’s garden blog ( for picking me for her “Garden Blog of the Month”, and for her very kind words.  I feel more pressured to keep finding good content to write about!  Hopefully I will not ramble too often.

Some random photos I wanted to add to cheer up this post!


Some other blogs I found and enjoyed were:

I don’t have much for you today, too busy enjoying all the other blogs! Friday I hope to write with a little more “content” for you.



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  1. Jean/Jean's Garden says:

    Gabrielle, I love that image of the neon-colored daisies out in the snow. 🙂

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