Beautiful Begonias

Well- I didn’t make it to the flower show (yet).  The cold, the snow and my attitude from Friday did not leave me. I decided to be lazy and hide out in my home as much as possible.  I did clean the house first, then enjoyed playing some board games with my family and reading a book.

Enough of that now! Today I have decided to start my Apricot/Scarlet Begonias indoors.  I am growing one in my office and one at home.  I used to grow multiple Begonias when I had an apartment.  Now that I am in my second home and have so many flower beds, I have almost forgotten about them.   I  pick out some shade plants for my front pots but somehow forgot how much I really like begonias.  I think I have had a couple hanging begonias in there once.

These bulbs are the size of my palm- almost as big as a hamburger!  Its always said that the bigger the bulb, the bigger the blooms.  I cant wait for these to begin growing! Also, here are some tips to start your begonias indoors for bigger blooms!

I will post pictures to keep you updated!  I’m excited just writing about them!

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  1. Shyrlene says:

    Gabrielle – I saw your blog featured on “Jean’s Garden – Blogs of the Month” and wanted to stop by. Then I saw your post on Begonias… it’s my most favorite impulse flower! A “must have” each year.

    Welcome to Blotanical too! (There are some of the coolest garden bloggers you will meet there – lots of talent, lots of variety!)

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