Done with Winter!

Black Barlow Columbine

In Wisconsin it is quite cold- though it rained today- it will snow tonight!  I am so done with winter.  It has been a beautiful one, but I am done!  I am quite jealous of the people in zones 7-11!  Can I come visit??!!  I can’t wait any longer.  My Amaryllis and forced Hyacinths are done.  I want to go play in the dirt!

I have already picked out my list of new plants to add to my garden this spring.  I have chosen: Black Barlow Columbine, Montbretia, Peacock Orchid, Peruvian Daffodil, Picotee Begonia, Purple gem Dahlia, Holland Festival Dahlia, Fantastico Dahlia, Impressive Hardy Mini Glad, Robinetta mini Glad, Vista Hybrid glad, Blue Wonder Toad Lily, Blue Triumphator Apaganthus, Gladiolus Murielae, Californica Brodiea, Morning Glory Seeds, Hyacinth Bean (oooh!!) seeds, and Lupine seeds.  I cant wait to add these to my gardens and watch them grow.  Do you think I have chosen enough?  Every year I find more flowers to add.  Will I ever stop- doubtful.

PS – most of these flowers i have listed are available at

Impression Dahlia

I really think I may take a trip to the Chicago flower show this weekend!  Maybe it will cheer me up a bit.  I need sun and I need flowers.  One out of 2 is better than none.  (I do have some cut/dyed daisies on my kitchen table in green, purple, blue, yellow and fuchsia- they last a long time too.)  If you are in a zone 1-6 like me, you should go enjoy a flower show near you.  I believe there are many listed on TulipWorld’s Facebook Page in Notes.

Toad Lily

Well, enjoy your weekend!  I promise to be more cheery next week.  🙂

Smiles 🙂


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11 Responses to Done with Winter!

  1. Jean/Jean's Garden says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I just discovered your blog among the new entries at Blotanical and I am enjoying it very much. I do a “Garden Blog of the Month” feature on my blog, Jean’s Garden, where I review newly discovered garden blogs that I think my readers might enjoy. Your blog is one of two that I have highlighted in my March post, which just went up this afternoon. Your blog will also be featured on my sidebar (under “Garden Blogs of the Month”) throughout the month. -Jean

    • Gabrielle says:

      I was happily surprised to find out-“you found me”. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

  2. Donna says:

    Gabrielle, just finding your blog through Jean’s picks at Blotanical…wonderful blog and can’t wait to read more…I have Black Barlow and recently did a whole post on Columbines…you will love it in your garden…your blog has a whimsical, fun, fresh look…can’t wait to read more!!

  3. Deborah at Kilbourne Grove says:

    I am flower bulb crazy too!!! So much so, that even though I am living in Barbados at the moment, I have a flight back to canada, booked for April 11th. No way am I missing them! I don’t care how cold it is!

    • Gabrielle says:

      I am envious of the weather you are enjoying! But- Canada- a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors! I will be visiting there this July!

  4. Stacy says:

    Well, speaking as a zone 7’er who used to live in zone 4, GO TO CHICAGO! Or the Bahamas, but it sounds like Chicago is more likely to happen. Enjoy some flowers and growing things!

    • Gabrielle says:

      Well- I chose to be lazy instead. Our family played a few board games, I cleaned and read my book. I really would like to see the gardens… (I did pot up my 2 Apricot Scarlet Begonias today)

  5. Tatyana says:

    Hi Gabrielle! I love your choice of plants. Some of them didn’t make it yet to my garden. I promise myself to stop buying new plants til I plant those sitting in pots, but… Went to garden show and came back with six new plants. BTW Welcome to Blotanical!

  6. ChickDigTheDirt says:

    I agree with everyone else! Your blog is so fun and fresh looking… and I also agree with you in that I am DONE with winter. I went to NW Flower and Garden Show and it cheered me right up just in time to get ready for spring. It is almost here, even though I am still wearing a winter jacket. Can’t wait for Spring!

  7. Coby Milba says:

    Great post! I am a dahlia lover and looking for some handy tips in growing dahlia flowers out from tubers. You’re page showed me that there are a lot of flowers to love out there other than dahlias. Anyhow, I’ll just stick around to know what flowers to add in my garden.

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