Container Gardening

There is so much to talk about when it comes to containers and gardening.  I am going to cover the highlights this time.  Maybe I will get more specific at other times.  Containers were for the purpose of holding the dirt. But now there are so many choices is size and colors and style!  Now the containers can be just as beautiful as the plants growing inside them, used as art pieces, and even a reason to plant flowers.  Container gardening is for the indoors, patios, entrances, walkways, decks or within a flower bed.  They are a wonderful option for people occupying apartments, condos, retirement communities and homeowners.  So, if you haven’t considered or tried container gardening- your missing out.  And it is so easy!

First decision would be to decide where you want to add containers.  Now the fun part of finding containers you like- shopping!  If your more crafty, buy more generic pots and paint them!  Buy one large pot, multiple pots of different sizes.  Also be sure it is a big enough container for the space.  If it has a hole in bottom of pot, don’t forget to get a protector for underneath the pot (if it is for indoors or you plan to move indoors when it gets colder).

A nifty thing I recently found out – potting soil with special polymers or as an additive to your soil! Polymers you say?! They are crystals that helps keep moisture levels more consistent in the soil.  This is super wonderful for indoor pots or pots that don’t get regular rain!  Especially for people like me- who waters their pots as often as they dust (as little as possible)  I do much better with outdoor gardening.

Now to play with color palettes again- choosing the flowers(and/or plants).  Remember, you can always easily change it if it doesn’t look how you thought.   You can change it in 2 months if your sick of the plant or find a better one.  You can mix annuals, perennials, and bulbs.  (Plant information tags will state if it grows well in containers)  Be creative and just try it.  Different plants all similar colors look awesome and so does a mixture of colors- Do what you think you would like.

Container gardening is a way to be artistic , creative or to just enjoy beautiful flowers.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it is easy.  I like containers for my front stoop/entry way and as nice accent on my patio.  They never are they same.  I keep the same pots but look for new combinations 2 times a year (spring and late summer).  For winter (in WI) I decorate the pots with greenery, a few ‘ornaments’ and mini lights.

Just do it- and have fun! Please post your pictures or comments. Here are some examples for your inspiration!

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6 Responses to Container Gardening

  1. Sue in Milan says:

    Those containers are super – shall steal the ideas. Found you listed on Blotanical. Left you a message there too.

  2. Diana Reed says:

    Please recommend bulbs that do best in containers. I’ve run out of garden space, since I now live in a condo, but still want more color during blooming season.

    • Gabrielle says:

      The fall planting bulbs that do well in containers would be in reference to forcing or with much caution. If you plant them in containers, they can freeze if not protected enough or rot if not enough drainage.
      Fall planting: Crocus, Muscari, Hyacinths, triumph tulips, darwin hybrid tulips, species tulips
      Spring planting: Caladium, Ranunculus, freesia, callas, begonias, canna, and some dahlias
      I hope this helps! Thanks!

  3. lucknow flowers says:

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    • Gabrielle says:

      I am so glad you found flowerbulbcrazy! I hope to continue to have good material to write about!

  4. click says:

    A cool blog post there mate ! Thanks for posting .

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