Not Much of an Indoor Gardener

Winter sure can get long by the time March rolls around.  The cold usually keeps me mostly indoors for more than three months.  I emotionally and mentally get through this time by focusing on the beautiful snowfalls and spending my time forcing flower bulbs and growing amaryllis.  The sweet scents of myhyacinths and the huge blooms of the amaryllis both help to fill the void from what I am missing from the outdoors.

I write about caring for your garden, specifics on many flowers, different planting ideas, etc.  I am a flower, garden and outdoors lover.  When it comes to indoor plants and flowers, it is a little different.   I am just one of those that does not care for them well.   I still love various foliage and flowers, but do not seem to give the same care and love to them indoors.  (Hence why the flowers I use in winter — hyacinth and amaryllis — are the easiest plants!)  They virtually need NO care.   I know I cannot be the only one like this.

Currently, I have two indoor plants surviving over one year:  an Aloe plant and an Oleander.   They seem to be quite tolerant of neglect.  Foliage and flowers make the indoors look better by design, much like they do outdoors.  I just wish I could stop losing plants.

I have seen and read about these cute and adorable Terrariums.  I think I may be able to keep succulents alive?? (The Aloe doesn’t always look good though it is still alive.)  I love the idea and decided to add a few to my decor this winter.  When I found these terrariums that have artificial foliage, it was perfect for someone like me.  You cannot tell that they are not real succulents either!  They are called Forever Faux Terrariums.





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