Keeping Warm this Spring

It is only early March, yet I am already writing in anticipation of Spring.  We just received another 3 inches of beautiful snow yesterday.  Most of our snow was late this year, but I know Spring is almost here.  When it arrives, I am thrilled to walk around the yard and look at all of the new buds just beginning to appear.  There is also much anticipation to take the time to sit and relax outdoors.

The cool weather is great for working in the yard, but it is difficult having to return to the indoors so early on these still cold evenings.  In Wisconsin and many other northern states, we have just spent at least 3-4 months trapped indoors.  That is what makes a fire pit or chimenea almost necessary for at least half of the United States.  It is wonderful to stay outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sounds in the air. Outdoor heating elements make this possible earlier in the year!

mexican fireplace chimenea garden chiminea

When you are done working in the yard or return home from work, it can be very relaxing to sit outdoors by the heat of some type of fire.  It is not just the heat and fresh air that is relaxing, but also gazing at the flickering and dancing flames which can help to create a tranquil environment.  It is why those in Florida or in any other southern state can still have so much enjoyment from some type of fire pit or chimenea even though they may not need the warmth quite so much.

Get outdoors soon, and stay out as long as you can!  Take time to rest and relax, soaking up all the outdoors has to offer you — right in your own back yard!  Small fires are easy and safe to enjoy.

If I have convinced you to get yourself your own fire pit or chimenea, I encourage you to check out the cool affordable options that have to offer you.



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3 Responses to Keeping Warm this Spring

  1. Maureen Bird says:

    Lovely pictures of bulbs and the snow. I live in England and we never get the amount of snow that you get in Wisconsin ( my daughter lives in Wisconsin so I have heard about your winters) We have had a long cold winter here. Its still cold but snowdropsm crocus and daffodils are in flower now. Spring is on its way

  2. hossein abolhassani says:

    thanks for your help

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