Forcing Flower Bulbs Experiment Part C

We haven’t had to endure too much in the way of snow this winter.  However we did definitely experience a dumping of snow this weekend! (now it has all melted in 60° temps)

Despite this last weekend’s snowfall, I’ve still be enjoying my sights of spring indoors. Here are some updated photos of the bulbs I have forced.  The Hyacinths continue to grow well and keep the office smelling heavenly.  The Tete a Tete daffodils were so cute and adorable.  The warm office makes them speed through their blooms though.  I think a cooler place along the windows would have helped prolong them a bit more.  I keep potting up new Hyacinths each week when I throw out the spent ones.

I brought in a pot of tulips one week ago and another two pots today.  That makes about 13-15 weeks of cold before brought into the warm office.  The tulips are beginning to really push up through the soil.

The Allium do not look like they will do too well.  I gave them about 13-14 weeks of cold.  The leaves really shot up fast but are beginning to flop.  I would have thought the Allium would do better in the warmth, since they grow later in the spring…

We will see how the tulips do shortly!

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