Finding New Fall Planting Flowers

Don’t you love finding a new flower to add to your garden?  Or at least seeing a new flower you haven’t seen before!?!  I love that there are so many variations in height, color, fullness, details in the blooms…the list goes on and on.  Planting a new addition in your garden is even more exciting when it’s one you’ve never seen before!  I think it is fun and keeps my garden interesting by adding new flowers every year.

I finally chose to add a flower bulb to my garden last year that I had seen  numerous times before but never actually planted in my own yard.  Last fall I added the Allium Shubertii, and I was so thrilled this June when they appeared!  It was so much cooler than the pictures!  P.S. Always read the description before you buy!

Louisiana Iris Mix

Louisiana Iris Mix

Here are a few ‘new’ bulbs that I am contemplating for this fall:

Butterfly Daffodil Super Mixture

Will I get all 4? Probably! What do you think of my choices?  Have you been looking for something new and interesting to add to your garden?





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2 Responses to Finding New Fall Planting Flowers

  1. Val says:

    Your blog, is beautiful!! I just left a note on an old blog post of yours that came up on a google search, and realize, it was probably a comment you wouldn’t see maybe? I was reading about potting up tulips, and was wondering, I am going to sit them on my cellar stairs, up top by the door, pretty chilly, not freezing, I have stored dahlia tuber there in the past. After inital planting and watering, do I give them a smidge of water from time to time thru winter, or will they rot? I would think they’d need some as if they were outside? I figured I’d try this way this year, as I am losing the war with rabbits, even with spraying, fencing, etc thanks very much, Val

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