Cool Craft Ideas with Allium stems

I often pick my ‘browning’ Allium Purple Sensation and stick them in all my containers at varying heights.  It adds some interest to them while my later summer blooms are still growing to maturity.

This year, I decided to cut my Allium Globemaster stems once the purple color had faded away to make an arrangement display to keep inside.


I bought green, silver, orange and purple spray paint.  I painted the stems green.  I sprayed 4 balls purple and they look just like fresh Allium!  I tried painting one ball silver, but it looked too dull.  I then painted 3 other balls orange.

I went to to check out their pottery!  They have some fun pieces!

Well,this is what I came up with…

I settled on the rough brown pot.   I stuffed some bubble wrap in bottom to help hold each stem in place.  I think I am going to add some krinkle paper to fill in container.

This will be a nice addition to my entryway at home.  Well, that is if I ever take it home from my office.


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