Enjoying the tropics without traveling!

Yes- that is my plan this summer.  Doesn’t that sound good to you?  Think of the money you can save.  Hasn’t that been the rave the last few years?  Everyone making their outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, or backyard oasis.  Have you worked on yours?  Do you need to make some additions?

I enjoy any time I get to relax in my backyard.  Though I do like to keep myself busy in my own yard as well.   My yard continues to change and morph every year.  Sometimes I lose a plant, but more often its because I add tropical and annual flowers for extra punch in the summer.

Maybe you can add some tropical flowers to your existing flower beds.  Add tall flowers like Cannas: along a fence, along the garage, in front of a retaining wall, along the side of your deck or patio, or even in containers on your patio.  Add a bushier flower like Dahlias: in front of retaining wall, in front of Cannas, above planted Tulips, in front of your Oriental/Asiatic lilies, or in a large container.  Add average height Calla Lilies: in containers, along a border, in front of dahlias.  Add a tropical ‘shrub’ like Elephant Ears which grow very fast in the heat.

Or maybe you have your flower beds well organized or full already, but you want to add a (enjoying the tropics- van youmore tropical feel.  This is what I am planning to do at the end of my pond. I am going to plant a collection of tropical plants.  This area is also at the corner of my deck and will stop the open line of sight I currently have (to my fruit garden).  The tall plants can help close in an area to make it feel more cozy and intimate.

I made a great collection I named Welcome to the Tropics!  It includes Malanga elephant ear, Hilo Beauty Elephant EarKing City Gold Canna, Cherry Red Pfizters Canna, Blue Triumpator Agapanthus, and Regal, Rubylite and Cameo Calla Lilies.  It has height, width and color galore!  This will look great!  Just in case you like this combination and need a little help, I have made a garden plan to go with it!  Based off of recommended spacing, this plan would take up a space of 7′ x 5′.

If this collection is a little too much for you, TulipWorld has a few other ‘tropical’ collections.  If you want some foliage check out the Large Foliage Collection.  Or if you are looking for a smaller planting, check out the Tropical Splash Collection. 

I am looking forward to relaxing in my own tropical oasis, how about you?!


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