Dividing: Perennials and Flower Bulbs

Fall is a great time to work in the yard because of the cooler temperature you will not have to worry about overheating!  It is also a great time for dividing many of your spring blooming bulbs and summer flowering perennials. As Autumn approaches many  flowers are done blooming,  you may feel your  garden is looking a little dull.  By dividing and adding new bulbs and perennials, you will have something to look forward to next spring!

If your still not convinced you want to put in the effort of diving your plants, here are some reasons:

  • Helps to stimulate healthy growth
  • Keeps multiplying under control and prevents the plant from taking over the space
  • Prevents overcrowding and competing for nutrients
  • Share plants with friends and family

Here are some of my other tips for a fun and successful time dividing bulbs and perennials:

  1. Make sure you do not divide perennials while they are flowering.  Save those to divide in spring
  2. Cloudy days work best, so you can work as slow as you like. Then the roots will not dry out.
  3. Cut back perennials before digging them out.
  4.  When diving perennials dig up the entire root ball and then split it with shovel or sharp spade.
  5.  When dividing bulbs dig up the entire bulb area.  If you accidently cut into any of the bulbs, you may discard the cut bulbs. Brush off as much dirt clumps as possible, so that you can separate each bulb.
  6. Now you are ready to replant your bulbs or perennials, plant at the proper depth in well-draining soil and after re-planting be sure to provide enough water until it thoroughly soaks through the soil.

(Bulb spacing: Tulips 4-6″, Daffodils 6″, Crocus 2″, Allium 6-8″,  Scilla 2″, Hyacinths 4-6″, Dutch Iris 4″, Muscari 4″)

It is never too early to start planning where you can easily add some flowers.  🙂 And don’t forget to share the extras with your friends or to bless someone you know who appreciates flowers too.

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